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There are so many work opportunities in Sydney which you can take advantages of for instance; in Hospitality & Tourism, Call Centre & Customer service, Marketing and communication and lots more. We will connect you to the right
website where you can find work opportunities
related on your skills.

For students without experience you could also try to apply for McDonald’s, Hungry Jack's, KFC, marketing jobs and some hotels who also seek casual work as well.
Furthermore, in order to work in Australia you will need to apply for a Tax file number (TFN). Tax file number is your personal reference number in the tax and super systems. It is very important to have a Tax file number because without TFN you will pay more tax. Also you won’t be able to apply for government benefits, lodge your tax return electronically and get an Australian business number (ABN). If you are seeking for work I would recommend you to consider it as a priority because all companies asked for TFN. You can have more information on how to apply HERE. Additionally, before you apply for pub, bar, hotel jobs or work in other gambling establishments in Australia. You will need to have the
Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG)
certificate or the Responsible Conduct of
Gambling (RCG)
certificate. You can find  these courses  here.

You can connect to our Job Board or,  and  gumtree.
Click  here to have an idea of how your resume should be before applying for any job. If you need any additional information please feel free to drop us an email.



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