Here in Sydney there are multicultural cuisines. You can easily find different cuisines around the city and suburbs. Moreover, some of the suburbs are known for their multicultural food. For example, if you are a big fan of Italian cuisines I would recommend you to visit Five Dock and Leichhardt and for Vietnamese cuisines visit Petersham and Marrickville. If you feels like having Chinese cuisines Ashfield and Strathfield are popular for it. Parramatta and Harris Park are known for Indian cuisines.
In the heart of the city, in China Town where you can find different types of Asian street food. You can find food less than $20. A bit further from the city, Suns Burmese Kitchen in Blacktown serves up award-wining food for less than $10 for a meal.
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List of Sydney's top cheap eat

 Bovine & Swine (brisket and slaw sandwich $14)

 Chatkazz  (Paper masala dosa $11.90)

 Do Dee Paidang (Do Dee Monster tom yum spicy noodle level one $13)

 Dong Hae (Six-piece sushi and udon set $14)

 El Jannah  (Half chicken with garlic, pickles and bread $11.50)

 Grape Garden (Pan-fried fish dumplings $13)

 Jasmins (Standard mixed plate of falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush, kofta, shish kebab, chicken, kibbe and tabbouleh $17)

 Kabul House (Tikka palaw - two skewers of tikka lamb kebab with Afghani palaw, freshly baked bread, salad, sauce and chutney $16)

 Malacca Straits (Hainanese chicken rice $10)

 Marrickville Pork Roll (Banh mi thit pork roll $5)

 New Star Kebab (Single chicken shish plate $15)

 O-san Ramen (Kurume tonkotsu $10)

 Taipei Chef (Taiwan-style smoked chicken $13)

 Tan Viet (Crispy chicken with dry egg noodles $14)

 Victoria Noodle  (Self-choose cart noodle with four choices $15)

 La Paula (Lomito sliced pork sandwich with the lot (tomato, sauerkraut, avocado and mayonnaise) and chips $12.50)

 Lao Village  (barbecued ox tongue $15)

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